We believe that parents are entitled to express any concerns or anxieties they may have about their child and the running of Natural Nurture.

We activity encourage dialogue between parents to ensure that small worries donโ€™t become larger concerns. We know that most complaints can be dealt with through discussion with the nursery manager, operations manager or your childโ€™s key worker.

Where parents have a concern that hasnโ€™t been solved via discussion and therefore wishes to make a complaint then our complaints procedure should be followed allowing this to be dealt with in a professional manner and action can be taken as necessary.

We aim to bring all concerns about the running of our setting to a satisfactory conclusion for all of the parties involved.

We operate the following complaints procedure for dealing with complaints against our setting. We will investigate all written complaints and notify complainants of the outcome of the investigation within 28 days of having received the complaint. We also keep a Complaint Summary Log of all complaints received, action taken and the outcomes. So when completing this record we will bear in mind the need for appropriate confidentiality

For details of the full process and complaints form please see our Complaints policy

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