Visitors at the Setting Policy

This policy was adopted on 30 August 2022 and is reviewed annually

Policy Statement

No visitor will be allowed on site without proper identification, or a pre-arranged appointment. They will be supervised throughout their time at the setting and wear a visitor badge, visible at all times.
Procedures – Outside Agencies (e.g. Ofsted, Environmental Health, Speech & Language Therapists)
  • When a visitor arrives at the setting they use the intercom at the electric gate to gain entry, from staff in the farm office. They are guided to the allocated visitor’s parking bay and directed to the farm office.
  • A member of staff will greet the visitor, ask for identification to confirm who they are and ensure that they sign in using the visitor’s book. Upon signing in, they are given a visitor badge on a lanyard. This must be worn and visible at all times, so that they can be easily identified.
  • Whilst at the setting, visitors will be chaperoned at all times by a member of staff.
  • When leaving the setting, the visitor will return their visitor badge and sign out using the visitor’s book.

Procedures – Maintenance

  • Individuals carrying out maintenance on the farm or nursery premises will have their identification checked and be chaperoned by a member of staff. They will not be required to sign in using the visitor book, unless spending a long period of time at the setting.
  • Maintenance individuals will park in the visitor’s bay, unless they need their vehicle to carry out their maintenance (e.g. fuel delivery).

Procedures – Public footpath walkers

  • Members of the public are able to gain access to the setting via public footpaths. Each gate leading from a public footpath is picked up by CCTV camera. Farm staff will be radioed to watch over the public footpath walkers and will ensure that the farm office and nursery staff are notified once the walkers have left the setting.