๐ŸšŒDrop Off & Pick Up Routine

The gates should be open 15 minutes prior and after each drop off and/or pick up time.

If the gates are shut, please press the Intercom button ONCE, this then sets off a chain of events where the gate calls various phone numbers for someone to open the gate. If it's pressed more than once it halts this process which will take the gates longer to open.

All children are picked up at the bus. Please wait at the socially distanced markers outside of the gated area for your child where a member of staff will hand over your child to you.

Please notify us if anyone other than yourself will be collecting your child and make sure they know your password!

Staff may not have the time to speak to each parent at pick up but will post up on FAMLY at the end of each session what each group has been up to.

If you would like to talk further about your child's key worker please email info@naturalnurture.org and we can arrange a meeting/call for you.

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