Our Teachers

Tracey Poulton

Tracey is the owner of Pear Tree Farm and is Level 3 qualified. Her motivation with setting up the nursery was seeing the staggering statistics about the decline in children being outside and the direct correlation in the increase in mental health with young children. She is the driving force for delivering a unique experience and is committed to developing a centre of excellence to pioneer a new way of thinking and learning for children and young people, that's why she calls all our venturers 'our little pioneers!'

Frannie Blunden

Frannie has her Early years Teacher Status, a BA in Early Childhood Studies and is Level 3 SEND, and has worked in Early Years settings for over 30 years. In all her varied roles working with children she has always been drawn to the outdoors, with the magic of the seasons, and the calmness that nature evokes. Frannie learns new things everyday from the children and the fantastic team she leads, which only continues to feed her passion for the early years and the outdoors, as she is able to see first hand, what amazing values and benefits nature brings to a childs development and well being.

Vic Hourihan

Victoria is Level 3 qualified. She loves nothing more then being outside, rain or shine, and being able to support children to learn about the world around us.

Natasha Keyes

Tasha has been working in childcare for 8 years, half of which has been here at Natural Nurture ( and I can’t imagine working anywhere else now!). She has level 3 in Early Years Education and level 2 Forest School as well as a degree in Environmental Biology. She loves to share the amazing wonders of the natural world with its real life experiences, from hunting mini beasts to climbing trees to foraging and outdoor cooking. Seeing children confidence and independence grow as they explore this fantastic environment is what its all about!!

Marina Polito

Marina joined the Natural Nurture family back in 2020 and has worked with children for over 10 years now. She has always been happiest outdoors and amongst nature and considers herself to be a free spirit. She has travelled the world a fair amount and enjoys using her love of adventure to learn about how others live. Being creative is important to her and reading stories and using her imagination to create ideas is where she finds the most joy. She looks forward to welcoming you and your little one(s) and creating new memories and experiences that will help shape their future.

Jenny Porter

Jenny is Level 3 qualified and has worked with children for 16 years, mainly by teaching them to swim. In January 2022 she decided it was time for a change and joined the Natural Nurture team. She believes that children thrive in the outdoors as it allows them to explore their surroundings, gaining independence, confidence, and allowing them to be themselves and to use their own imaginations in their play.

Laura Salisbury

Is level 3 qualified and has been working in childcare for almost 16 years with a short hiatus to start a family. She loves being a small part of the beginning of a child's educational journey and believes that there is no finer place to see a child flourish than in the great outdoors with its infinite opportunities.

Leanna Little

Leanna has have a 3 in early years childcare and has been working with children for 8 years in nurseries and as a Nanny. She believes that being outdoors is very important for children as it helps them to develop independence, self-confidence and most importantly to have fun, be happy and create exciting adventures!

Siena Chipol

Siena is training towards a Level 3 Childcare Qualification. She has had previous experiences within nursery settings, which she throughly enjoyed and this, along with her caring and fun personality, is what has made her pursue a career in childcare. She thinks Natural Nurture is an amazing place for any child to grow up and learn about the world around them all whilst having a fun time.

Lindsey Weston

Lindsey's caring nature, her love of the outdoor environment and enthusiasm and creativity will inspire the children to use their imaginations while exploring the farm and its surroundings.

Francesca Burcham

Francesca is our highly efficient head of administration, the machine behind Natural Nurture Nursery. Any questions, Francesca is the “go to”.