Our Approach to the EYFS

EYFS stands the the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is something all nurseries have to follow.
  • Natural Nurture offers play-based, child-led learning, where children become absorbed, motivated and active.
  • Children are able to take risks/challenge themselves under the watchful eye of a talented staff team that understand when and how to interact.
  • We understand that when children practice it is to get better, no matter what their skill level. Instilling trust at Natural Nurture is to encourage challenges and then praise efforts.
  • At Natural Nurture we value childhood, every little experience, from puddles and mud, to trees, animals and tractors.
  • The children are given opportunities to develop their communication, confidence, resilience, imagination and problem solving skills through interacting with the multi-sensory environment of the farm.
  • We teach and then trust children to learn how best to take and manage risks, co-operate together, negotiate and compromise and we, the staff, then become observers and commentators, allowing children to persevere through their challenges without interfering in that learning.
  • Each child is an individual, with differing abilities, strengths and needs, our forms of communication and encouragement are differentiated to meet individuality.
  • We listen to children’s ideas, show interest in their methods and implementations and offer suggestions
  • We give children the time to meet their own challenges and develop what they are doing in depth