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Focus Groups and Observations.

Rather than trying to identify achievements in all children every week, we focus on approximately 8 to 10 children for a period of two weeks each term (3-4 weeks for those children who only attend once a week).
The benefits of this include ensuring that we spend quality time with each focus child during this period, finding out their abilities, their interests, likes, dislikes etc and using that information alongside all information you provide to enhance their overall development.
Focus groups ensure that no child gets accidentally ‘missed’ or that we concentrate on some children but not enough on others. Each child will have 4 to 6 observations posted on Famly throughout the two week focus period. As a result, observations are more focussed on how and what your child has been learning or developing rather than on what they have been doing.
A list of your child’s focus fortnight will be posted on Famly at the beginning of each term.
We would really appreciate any information as to your child’s current interests, abilities, friendships, what they have been doing, any events coming up etc, which will enable us to have an all-round picture of each and every child. If you would provide this information the week prior to their focus period, we would be very grateful.

💬 Parent Comments on Staff Observations

We’d like to have 2 way dialogue with you as much as possible and one way of doing this is through FAMLY, where you are able to
  1. 1.
    Comment on every observation posted.
  2. 2.
    Create your own observations; For example if your child does something amazing at home you are able to add your own observation to Famly, so that your Key worker can see it and is then able to talk to your child about that experience or accomplishment.