๐Ÿ’ดCharges and Refund Policy

This policy was adopted on 30 August 2022 and is reviewed annually

Policy Statement

We want to ensure that all parents and carers are treated fairly and equally in respect of monies paid for services received.

We currently make a charge for our extended services provisions. We are not permitted to make charges for educational services that fall under the Free Entitlement for Nursery Education.

We charge for:

  • Non Free Entitlement Sessions: we offer 8 different paid-for sessions a day. Parents/carers choose which sessions they would like their child to attend. These are invoiced in advance, and payment is expected before placement begins. Payments are made on a monthly basis. In some cases payment can be made weekly, in advance.

  • Meals: for those attending the 8am - 9am session, breakfast is an option for an additional ยฃ1.50.

  • Extra Hours: we charge a ยฃ7 hourly rate for +3year olds and ยฃ8 hourly rate for 2yr olds for hours needed over and above existing sessions.

  • Late charges: there will be an additional charge applicable for late collection of your child at the end of their booked session. This will come into effect if your child is collected more than 15 minutes after their session ends, and will be charged at the rate of ยฃ5 per child for each 15-minute period of lateness.

Payment Policy

  • If your child is unable to attend a scheduled session for any reason, fees are still payable.

  • Sessions are not transferable and cannot be swapped.

  • All deposits and fees are required to be paid by Cash/Cheque/Debit Card/ Bank transfer or childcare vouchers.

  • A monthโ€™s worth of fees is required as a deposit prior to your child(ren) starting at the nursery (this is not applicable to those ONLY accessing free entitlement hours)

  • Parents/carers will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month.

  • Bills/invoices are expected to be settled within 10 days of the invoice date.

  • Late payment of bills/invoice may result in your child not being accepted into the nursery until the bill/invoice is settled.

Parents/carers are not charged for settling in sessions, or when visiting the nursery.

Refunds are made:

  • Where an administrative error has been made

  • In the case of overpayments by childcare vouchers (in this case, the refund must be returned to the childcare voucher company, not direct to the parent due to PAYE implications)

  • If the nursery decides, in conjunction with the parent/carer/outside agency, that it is in the best interests of the child to end the placement, a refund will be made for the part month not used.

  • A 50% refund can be made, upon request of the parent, for unforeseen circumstances that have prevented the nursery from opening (up to 3 days). This could include flood, snow, fire, terrorist attack, military coup, mechanical or electrical failure.

Refunds cannot be made for:

  • Childโ€™s sickness

  • Childโ€™s refusal to eat meals/snacks on some days

  • Hospital appointments

  • Holidays taken in term time

  • Child/parent choosing not to come in some days

  • Family days.

  • If we are closed for periods of 3 days or longer and are unable to claim for financial continuity or do not receive financial assistance from the Government, we will not be able to issue any refunds for the time that the nursery is closed as a result of Coronavirus or any other notifiable disease.

We regret that we are unable to offer refunds for the above, as in these circumstances we still need to be able to pay staff and keep your childโ€™s place at the nursery.

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