FAQ's Sessions & Invoices

  1. Can I change my usual booking pattern? Yes. In advance and if a place is available. It can be swapped on a permanent or an irregular basis, although it’s always subject to availability. Places cannot be swapped from one week to another; your regular booking is payable regardless of attendance. It is much appreciated when advance notice of holidays and leaving dates is given.

  2. Can I book extra sessions if I need to? Yes. If you need an extra session or day every so often please email info@naturalnurture.org and will be happy to try and accommodate this.

  3. What happens in the event of a closure? In the event of the nursery being forced to cancel sessions, the nursery staff will endeavour to give as much notice as is reasonably possible by posting it up on FAMLY. Depending on the exact circumstances for the closure, refunds for “closed” or “partial” sessions will only be given at the discretion of the Management team

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