🍞 Breakfast

If your child is attending the breakfast club session (8am-9am) then if you would like they can have breakfast with us. Breakfast will consist of a choice of cereal, fruit and/or toast. The breakfast option is an additional £1.50.

🥕 Snack

We don’t have a set snack time as we found that it interrupted the children’s play and therefore their learning too much. The children will have access to their snack box and water bottle they have bought from home throughout the morning and will let staff know when they are hungry.
Sometimes if the children have lit the fire that day they may make their own snack on the fire cooking things like toast, popcorn, baked fruit and hot chocolate to name a few examples.

🥪 Healthy Packed Lunch

If your child is staying for lunch, we ask that you put their packed lunch in a cool bag that your child can carry, with an icepack inside to keep it cool. Please be aware of the weather in relation to foods provided eg. no yogurt on hot days.
We encourage parents to provide healthy lunch choices. You can get loads of easy-to-prepare ideas your kids will love, as well as tips on what else to put in their lunchbox here...
We have no nut policy so lunches should be free from nuts in case of allergies within the group.