๐Ÿค—Settling In

During the pandemic we werenโ€™t able to offer settle sessions with parents in attendance, and so devised a couple of additional steps to help make settling in as smooth as possible. The plan which is highlighted below was an overwhelming success with very few tears or additional sessions needed. We have therefore decided to stick with our pandemic settle plan.

We normally have 2 or 3 settling-in sessions, each lasting about an hour. Some children may need more or less visits and we will alter the number of sessions required dependent on your childโ€™s individual needs.

As starting a new nursery can be just as nerve wracking for the child as it is for the parent, we also have a Parents Settling in Pack, which gives advice and information on our daily routine.

Step 1 - Settle Show Round

We will arrange for you and your little one to have a settle show round. This needs to be scheduled either before the children arrive for the day or have left for the day so at 8am or 3:15pm. This is an opportunity for you to explore the nursery with your child so they become even more familiar with their surroundings.

Step 2 - About Me Form

We ask that you complete an About Me Form and return it to us prior to the first settle session. This form is an important part of settling in so we know ahead of the settle session what your child likes and enables us to strike up key conversations which play to their interests.

Step 3 - Settle Session One

This will last an hour. We find that if you tell your child that they are going to play and you're popping to the shops and will be back soon to collect them, helps the child to understand that you will return. This helps if it is transmitted with confidence to them as you know you will return and collect them, and that conveyed helps them embrace an experience of fun! This may really mean you stay in your car in the car park but in order for them to settle its good for them to know that you are leaving but coming back. Try and use a similar scenario, like when we go and visit granny and papa for instance.

Step 4 - Settle Session Two

Following a successful settling session 1, we will extend session 2 to 1.5hrs

Step 5 - Full Session / Additional Settle Sessions

We will play this step by ear depending on how your child is enjoying the sessions and also working with you to help them settle better if we experience concern

First day and beyond

Remember to be positive, say โ€œsee you laterโ€, give a hug and a kiss and go. Your little person will be fine. You are invited to email at any point during the day to check that all is well.

6 Weeks Later

Roughly 6 weeks after the initial settling period we will arrange for either a socially distanced meeting or phone call for you with your key-worker to discuss how your child is getting on at Natural Nurture and to address any worries or concerns you may have.

Open Door Policy

We have an open door policy so if you'd like to meet with your key worker prior to then and don't have a chance to chat at pick up or drop off, then please email info@naturalnurture.org and we'll arrange a suitable time for you both to meet.

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