Daily Routine

8:00am Breakfast Club
By 9:10am Every one arrives and gets ready to go out on the farm
9:30am Once in farm gear, each Bubble goes to designated area
10:15am Outdoor activity / Child Led Play / Snack
11:15am Story-time - stories are usually created by the children
11:50am Wash hands for lunch
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Children leaving at 1pm go to Bus / Others do lunch time jobs (sweeping, mopping etc) and have sand and pirate play.
1:00pm Outdoor activity/play - children choose where they want to go
2:30pm Walk up to Hub to change ready for home
3:00pm 3pm session children leave
3:15pm Those staying until 4pm or 5pm - Wash Hands for Snack
3:20pm Snack Time
3:30pm Outdoor activity/play
4:45pm Go back to bus and get ready for going home
5:00pm Nursery closes, time to go home
Spontaneous play is an important part of children’s learning and can always be accommodated. We will utilise the weather conditions to their full and anything the children are interested in, we will go along with.