๐ŸŒนOur Approach

At Natural Nurture Nursery we value childhood; every little experience, from puddles and mud, to trees, animals and tractors. Our approach is reflected in childrenโ€™s play and engagement with nature. This is the cornerstone of how we work with children.

Child Centred: At Natural Nurture, childhood and early experiences are valued, thus we focus on play and the engagement with nature by following childrenโ€™s interests and curiosity to make them equal participants in their experiences which then enhances their learning.

Trust: We want you to feel welcome and your children to feel safe so we work with you to ensure you and your families needs are met. We foster partnerships to develop trust as this is a powerful and important aspect of our work. We understand the power of trust and nurture trust throughout your childโ€™s time at Natural Nurture Nursery. Reinforcing trust helps a child to learn to cope and develop the life skills that build confidence, character, integrity and honesty.

Practice makes perfect: We believe that practice is key to development and understanding so we encourage children to โ€œpersevereโ€, take risks and embark on challenges in their play as it enables growth, confidence and self-belief. Adults observe such tasks and play mindfully without interference, unless invited by children, to allow for independent development.

The Individual: At Natural Nurture we understand that each child is individual with different strengths, abilities, needs and we ensure our support and work communicates this and guides children in a positive, caring and friendly way to empower children. We feel that empowering children to make positive decisions contributes to their growing sense of self and helps them to develop the dispositions needed for both life and future learning opportunities.

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