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Planning in the Moment

Planning in the moment is all about seizing the moment for children to progress. Based on what the children are already deeply involved in, this way of planning relies on our skilled practitioners using quality interactions to draw out the children’s knowledge and build on it there and then (in the moment).
This means that the practitioner observes what the child is doing and needs to do next, assesses the teachable moment from the child’s perspective and know when to intervene and when to stand back and observe.
Planning in the moment is all about capturing the moment of engagement and running with it to make sure the children progress. It requires the practitioners to use initiative, spontaneity and creativity to enhance and extend learning opportunities.
By using Planning in the Moment, your child will not only gain in knowledge, skills and understanding but will also feel valued, important, interesting and capable, so making progress in one or more areas of the EYFS.
Our staff are there to facilitate learning through observations and interactions. Our staff get to know each individual child very well, and have a sound understanding of child development. This ensures that the adults enhance and extend the learning at the appropriate level. Our staff build relationships with children, helping them to learn to socialise and react in different social situations.